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"I don't want a divorce, but I'm so unhappy in my marriage."

Find love and joy again, without years and years of therapy!

Taking action now, can change your life forever.

Are you Ready to Make Your Marriage Amazing?

If you are like most of my clients, communication
can be a struggle! I'd like to help.

My Gift to You...

As my GIFT to you, register below to receive a FREE copy of my CONVERSATION ROADMAP, where you’ll learn 3 powerful tools to help you learn to EASILY talk about ANY subject with your spouse…without starting an argument!

✅  Discover EXACTLY what to do to create a safer emotional space for the two of you to communicate.

✅  Uncover the obstacles that are keeping you from showing up as a FULL and EQUAL partner in your conversations.

 Learn to grow your curiosity and ask the right questions, in order to build trust, gain understanding, and create that YUMMY connection you crave!

Hello my friend,

You and I are a lot alike; smart, driven, high achieving… It’s no mistake that you’ve found me today.  I understand the pain of finding success in every area…except your marriage.   I know exactly how discouraging it feels to not be able to figure out this one piece of your happy puzzle.

You and I, – we want more, it’s just who we are.  More love, more joy, more connection.  I’ve been there my friend and I’ve found the way to turn my unhappy marriage completely around. I have fallen in love with my guy again and created a relationship that is even better than it LOOKS!  There is NO greater investment you can make, than that of your own happy marriage.  It can change everything for you and your family, for generations to come.

"Working with Jane has changed my life, I really thought my marriage was over. This was my last hope and I can't believe how weeks of coaching has done what years of therapy could not. Thank you for helping me become an emotional adult. I have found love for my husband again that I didn't think was possible. Thank you Jane!"
-Jenna Brown

Why is Coaching For Me?

  • People often ask me, “what is the difference between therapy and coaching?”  My answer is that therapy is past focused, seeking to discover and treat past trauma. It is for those who may have received a medical diagnosis that requires Psychotherapy.  Coaching, on the other hand, is forward focused.   We help you recognize that the past is over and can no longer hurt you.  It’s for those who are tired of rehashing the same old story,  beating themselves up,  and are ready to move onward and upward! Coaching is for those who are already functioning at a high level, but are ready to step up and create awesome results that bring fulfillment, joy and lasting change.
  • We will  work together to find the thoughts that are causing the pain and suffering you are feeling.  You will learn how to process pain, how to recognize those thoughts that are holding you back and  keeping you from taking the actions necessary, to create the results you are longing for.  Is that your heart’s desire?  

            Let’s do this.

Isn’t it crazy how the things that we fell so in love with, can now make us feel so annoyed?  Do you feel like you are helpless to find that love and attraction you once had for your mate?  I have walked this road and I’m here to tell you that I can help you create results that will change your life forever!  Some people initially worry or feel selfish about investing in coaching, but what is it costing you to stay where you are at? Saving your marriage is an incredible gift for not only you, but your whole family…and the generations to come. YOU are worth it, and so is HE!  YOU can create the life you love and it doesn’t need to take years of therapy!  By learning and applying the tools I have for you, in just a short time, you will feel hope and joy that you didn’t believe possible.

"I know firsthand what a valuable coach Jane Copier is. Yesterday she coached me on how to show up for my step daughter as my best self with understanding and compassion. Most valuable 30 minutes of my week."
-Stacey Mendelson