From Satisfied... to Electrified!

Life is too short...

Life is too short…

… to settle for “okay.”

… to live as roommates or feel lonely and powerless in your marriage..

… to stuff your dreams down in order to please others..

… to settle for less than the exceptional life you were born to live..


This doesn’t have to be YOUR STORY.

Sister, You Matter to Me.

I know how you Feel.

I've been where you've been.

You might not believe it, but The Best Years of your life are right before you.

I know the exact process to help you deeply love Yourself and embrace your life, in a way that will catapult your experience and bless ALL of your relationships.

I Can't Wait to Help YOU get Your happy ever after!

It Doesn't Have to be Hard

You can step into your power and change YOUR story, in just a few months!

What people say

If you are like most of my clients, communication
can be a struggle. I'd like to help. Grab your free gift now!

My Gift to You...

As my GIFT to you, register below to receive a FREE copy of my CONVERSATION ROADMAP, where you’ll learn 3 powerful tools to help you learn to EASILY talk about ANY subject with your spouse…without starting an argument!

✅  Discover EXACTLY what to do to create a safer emotional space for the two of you to communicate.

✅  Uncover the obstacles that are keeping you from showing up as a FULL and EQUAL partner in your conversations.

 Learn to grow your curiosity and ask the right questions, in order to build trust, gain understanding, and create that YUMMY connection you crave!

Hello my friend,

You and I are a lot alike; smart, driven, high achieving… It’s no mistake that you’ve found me today.  I understand the pain of reaching midlife and feeling a little lost. Our roles change, our bodies change, we reflect on the choices we’ve previously. made and question what we want for  the future.

As divine beings, we continually hunger for more. More love, more joy, more connection, -it is the progression our souls crave.

Through coaching I’ve learned to THRIVE in mid-life, and YOU CAN TOO!

 I have fallen in love with my guy again, changed professions and created my dream job, I redesigned my role as a wife and mother, and created the VERY life I used to envy.   There is NO greater investment you can make, than to become the bold, confident, joyful woman you were born to be.  

It will change everything for you and your family, for generations to come.

"I know firsthand what a valuable coach Jane Copier is. Yesterday she coached me on how to show up for my step daughter as my best self with understanding and compassion. Most valuable 30 minutes of my week."
-Stacey Mendelson