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Every Marriage Needs a Life Coach

I am a mother of four, have four perfect grand babies, and am a Christian and member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I am married to my now, “man of my dreams”, -but it wasn’t always that I felt that way.  Perhaps you can relate to my story?  

After graduating from college, finding success in my profession and becoming a mother, I was pretty disappointed that my life wasn’t the way I always dreamed it would be.  I blamed my husband for our problems and resented him for not “making me happy”.  

We put on a good front, no one knew how hard it was… and I secretly wondered if I had made a mistake and chosen the wrong partner.  I didn’t feel like divorce was an option and I was terrified of failure and splitting up my family.  

I was miserable and felt helpless to help myself, until I discovered the truth,- that I am the creator of my own life, and my own happiness!  And that’s the best news ever because through coaching I found the power to change. I have learned the tools,  done the work, and changed my relationship forever. And I can help YOU do the same!

"Jane’s approach has completely changed my thinking. I have spent hundreds on therapy only to realize I felt beat up after every session. Jane’s way leaves me happy, hopeful, confident, determined. There’s homework!! Jane is the best advocate around. Use her."
-Nicci Renouard


I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology,  taught middle and high school students at a drug rehab center for teens for 7 years, and then became a Realtor and built a thriving successful business for 20 years!

I have experienced the pain of watching my child struggle with ADD, another work through a traumatic situation and arrest that led to the loss of a Division-1 Football scholarship, and two-year journey of redemption.  I have struggled with body image and weight loss, and a “not so perfect” marriage. And I have dealt with unspeakable loss when my brother and real estate partner,  lost his vision and family due to a drug over-dose.   

Listen, we all have our “stuff”, you are not alone, that is what life is all about.  But I’m here to tell you, you can find joy in the midst of the pain. You can replace guilt with acceptance, and anger with love. You can lose the weight, heal the hurt, calm the storm, stop the buffering with alcohol, food or pornography, -and create the life you were born to live!

Jane Copier

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