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Choose to Love, Love Your Choice

I Love Choosing!

All of my good friends know I LOVE TO ORDER food at a restaurant.

(Big Corona bummer for me, LOL! I’m guessing I’m not alone.)

I love looking at all the awesome pictures and reading the descriptions, and then just telling this genie of a person who comes to my table what I want, and the genie brings it to me!  

It’s the absolute BEST!  I don’t have to go to the grocery store, or spend time prepping and cooking, it just comes to me and I get to sit and enjoy awesome company and conversation while I wait.  It’s pure MAGIC!

I love choosing. Knowing that I get to choose and that I have a choice is the most empowering realization I’ve ever made.

I get to choose what I think and feel. No one else does that for me.

Often when we feel overwhelmed or overburdened, it’s because we aren’t owning our choices.

My husband and I disagree about remodeling our kitchen.

It’s 20+ years old and I’d really like an update.  We have the money but my husband really likes that money to be in the bank.

This used to be a big source of contention for us, but not anymore.

I would way rather choose to feel love for my husband, than be angry at him over a dumb kitchen, so I choose to love my kitchen instead.

Rather than getting annoyed when I look at it, I see it as the gift I give, to show my husband that he means more to me than anything else in the world.

I appreciate the running water that comes from our miraculous faucet.  I have a range that cooks the yummiest food… and don’t even get me started on my two favorite appliances, my Vitamix and my Microwave!!! THE BEST INVENTIONS EVER!!!

I love my kitchen because of all of the incredible memories we’ve made there with family and friends.  I even love the burn mark on the counter top where our son experimented with building homemade fireworks while I wasn’t home. You see, he’s got a place of his own now, and I get to think of him fondly whenever I see it.

It’s all my choice and I choose love.

I don’t have to do the laundry, or cook or clean.  I don’t have to get out of bed in the morning or shower or wash the car or go to work.

I’m not saying there aren’t natural consequences if I don’t, but that it truly is a choice.

When I feel like I HAVE to do something, I make myself the victim.  But when I choose it, I get to own it. And I get to feel however I want to feel about it.

I WANT my family to eat healthy food so I choose to cook (sometimes ;).  I WANT us all to wear clean clothing so I choose to do laundry. I love my work and want to be successful in my job, so I choose to show up every day and give my best. 

I WANT to love my life and my family, so I choose it every day.

What do you want to choose today? I hope you pick something that feels super yummy from YOUR menu.