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                                “Jane–I am not sure what the “it” is to be a great coach, but you have the “it.”  -J.P.

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Ten Tips to Create More Connection in Your Marriage

This FREE Guide will give you lots of new ideas for creating more connection in your marriage. Use it to create daily, weekly or monthly goals that will bring you closer together and increase your love!

End the Communication Struggles in Your Marriage, Workshop

This four part workshop is just what you need to get headed in the right direction. These short 20 min. classes give you a taste of what's available in my Communication for Couples Course, and will give you jump-start for success.

Communication for Couples

Click the link below to learn all about this incredible, comprehensive course. It is exactly what you need to transform the communication in your marriage. Solving this problem makes EVERYTHING in your relationship easier!

You’ve spent so many years together, built a life, raised a family.

Perhaps you’re tired of feeling sad and lonely, but you don’t want to throw it all away.

Do you watch other couples who seem so happy and wonder how they do it?

I know you.  

I used to be you.

I thought I was destined to suffer through  a marriage that I didn’t know that I wanted anymore, but I just couldn’t break up my family. I didn’t want a divorce and I’m SO GLAD I STAYED!  I’m more in love with my husband, and our relationship now, is better than it has EVER been!

I figured out how to redefine my role in our marriage, and through that process not only help myself, but also gain the skills to help my clients,  just like you.  to change everything.  To fall in love again, and not only stay married, but make it A-MAZING!

How much is it costing you to wait to get help? 

Time, and Quality of life, are worth so much more than money. 

How many more years can you stay stuck?  

I feel so called to this work.  

Helping women create amazing lives is my passion! 

It’s easier than you think and I would love nothing more than to show you the way.

In my coaching program you will find real help, and achieve real results,  -without years and years of therapy.  

Don’t wait one more minute to make the changes that will last a lifetime!

This is quite possibly the best investment you will ever make.

 YOU can love YOUR marriage, and WHO YOU ARE within your marriage. Join my six month, intensive, one on one coaching program and change your life forever. 

Don’t waste one more year. The time is now.

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"Meet with her! I was so nervous and very apprehensive 30 minutes before we met. I almost canceled, but I didn't and I am so glad. She is very friendly, personable and easy to share your concerns. Each week I learned so much and she helped me tremendously. I would refer her to friends and family. I feel like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders and I have been lots happier with my marriage and my life. Thank you!"
Danette Haroldson

Become a Thriving, Powerful Partner!

own your own emotional health

Increase your connection

leave the past behind

feel more love for yourself and your mate

set proper boundaries

end the comparisons that steal your joy

argue productively

discover new hope for the future

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