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I've been there my friend.

I know how disappointing it is to be so successful in every other area of your life, but not be able to create a marriage you love.


In my quest to provide the highest quality training, at the most affordable price, AND help the greatest 

number of people to create the most amazing marriages, -I have created a phenomenal program.


I firmly believe it is not only the best, but also the most effective program of its kind, in the world.


You’ll begin by spending six full weeks with me and a small group of your peers, as we take you through 

my Mastering Communication Course.  This is the perfect way to introduce you to coaching, while working 

on the #1 issue that most couples struggle with.

Once you have completed your six weeks in this course, you will move to the Marriage Breakthrough Membership.  

There you will have full access to my Mend Your Marriage Course (the very same course my one-on-one 

clients pay thousands to go through),  Weekly Group Coaching Calls, our Exclusive Community page where you can 

share your wins, ask your questions, offer and receive support, and rub shoulders with other heroes like yourself.   

You’ll also have access to many other resources and lIFETIME SUPPORT, to keep you going in the right direction!

Only $2497 for BOTH of you,- that's right, PER COUPLE!

not quite sure what kind of help would be best for you?

You’ve spent so many years together, built a life, raised a family.

You are tired of feeling sad and lonely, but you don’t want to throw it all away.

You watch other couples who seem so happy and wonder how they do it?

I know you.  

I used to be you.

I thought I was destined to suffer through  a marriage that I didn’t know that I wanted anymore, but I just couldn’t break up my family. I didn’t want a divorce and I’m SO GLAD I STAYED!  I’m more in love with my husband, and our relationship now, is better than it has EVER been!

I have found the tools to not only help myself, but I am helping clients  just like you  to change everything.  To fall in love again, and not only stay married, but make it A-MAZING!

How much is it costing you to wait to get help? 

Time, and Quality of life, are worth so much more than money. 

How many more years can you stay stuck?  

I feel so called to this work.  

Helping people create amazing marriages is my passion! 

It’s easier than you think and I would love nothing more than to show you the way.

In my coaching program you will find real help, and achieve real results,  -without years and years of therapy.  

Don’t wait one more minute to make the changes that will last a lifetime!

This is quite possibly the best investment you will ever make.

 YOU can love YOUR marriage again. Join my six month, intensive, one on one coaching program and change your relationship forever. 

Don’t waste one more year. The time is now.

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"Meet with her! I was so nervous and very apprehensive 30 minutes before we met. I almost canceled, but I didn't and I am so glad. She is very friendly, personable and easy to share your concerns. Each week I learned so much and she helped me tremendously. I would refer her to friends and family. I feel like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders and I have been lots happier with my marriage and my life. Thank you!"
Danette Haroldson

What should I expect on my free call?

Here is what you can expect:

...and what you won't get:

1.  On our 45-60 min phone call,  I’ll ask a few questions to get to know you a little.

2.  We will discuss your situation and I’ll take you through my before and after process.

3.  I will tell you about how you can get even more help from me.

4.  We will decide together, whether you are a good fit for coaching or not.

5.  I will give you some good recomendations either way, and leave you feeling better than when we met.

             1.  A high pressure sales pitch.

             2.  Judgment

             3.  A waste of your time.

            You have NOTHING to lose, click. 

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"How to Stay Married and Love It!"

own your own emotional health

Increase your connection

leave the past behind

feel more love for yourself and your mate

set proper boundaries

end the comparisons that steal your joy

argue productively

discover new hope for the future

I'm Ready! I want to make my marriage amazing!

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