It's no easy thing to lose our job as as full time Mom. I loved nothing more that caring for and supporting my kids!

Many midlife women feel isolated, lonely, and unfulfilled when the kids leave the nest.

Finding new direction and purpose can be a challenge.

I created Empty Nest Academy to bring women together so you don't have to go it alone!

Come immerse yourself in weekly coaching, learning, and community.

Give yourself the gift of time and space to figure things out.

Learn to laugh and let go, so you can get on with loving life.

If you've been searching for a sisterhood that feels like home, join us!

We'd love for YOU to become a valued member of our incredible group and help YOU embrace the joy of this new chapter.

Join for just $7, cancel or come back anytime!

Graceful Traditions is my Private, 1:1 Coaching Program, where we tap into God’s grace, to empower women for joyful living.

What could 12 weeks of coaching with me, change for you?


   – You’ll be more in control of your emotions.

   – You will be more confident

   – You will be able to connect more easily in your relationships.

   – You will be able to show up as the mother, daughter, wife, and friend that 

      you want to be.

   – You will be able to change your habits, -any habits you want to


   – You will feel more in control of yourself, and less at the affect of those

      around you.

   – You’ll have to tools to mend whatever needs mending.

   – You will learn to create the life you want to experience, and become

      the example for your family, that you can be proud of.


Click the link below to schedule your free consultation, and let’s find the best fit for you.

                                “Jane–I am not sure what the “it” is to be a great coach, but you have the “it.”  -J.P.

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"Meet with her! I was so nervous and very apprehensive 30 minutes before we met. I almost canceled, but I didn't and I am so glad. She is very friendly, personable and easy to share your concerns. Each week I learned so much and she helped me tremendously. I would refer her to friends and family. I feel like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders and I have been lots happier with my marriage and my life. Thank you!"
Danette Haroldson

Become a Thriving, Joyful Woman!

a glimpse of what you'll do inside my empty nest academy

Take Control of
your own emotional health

Increase your connection with loved ones

leave the past
behind, where it belongs

feel more love for yourself and others

set and maintain proper boundaries

end the comparisons that steal your joy

Feel Heard and understood, through better communication

Create a life of meaning and purpose. Make a difference in the world

I'm Ready. I Want to Make My Life Amazing!

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