Discomfort in the Comfort Zone

Discomfort in the Comfort Zone

Do you find yourself aching for more, yet you just feel stuck or unable to help yourself?

I was on a call with someone this week who made the comment, “I just want to stop being a victim.”

She knows what she wants, but making the decision to do something about it isn’t something she is able to do yet.

Why is it so hard???

Making decisions is one of the hardest things that human beings do, because for more than 90% of the population, we fear change more than we fear death.  

There is a reason it’s called analysis paralysis.

The comfort of familiarity, even if it is painful, is less scary than the unknown.

The other reason most of us procrastinate making a choice, is because we fear making the wrong one.

But here’s the problem.  Once you ignite a dream, once you hope for something different or start to believe there might be more… remaining where you are becomes intolerable.

The comfort zone is no longer so comfortable.

In some cases we fear being ostracized for going against popular opinion, so instead of making our own choice to take action, we do things like… 

Phone a friend, “What do you think??”  
Ask our spouse, “What do you think?” 
Talk to a stranger, “What do you think?” 

We let their opinions matter more than our own.  

As soon as we encounter resistance, we back down.  We retreat to the safety of the cave.

I see this all of the time when I am coaching women.  They have a dream of what their relationship could look like.  They are hungry for change. 

But instead of making a decision to have their own backs and getting to work making it better, they step back from their dreams and suffer through yet another year.

Therefore, one of the greatest predictors of your future is how you’ve made your past decisions.

If you are making the decision to mend your marriage in the same way you have in the past, it’s fair to say you will continue to see the same results in the future.

You have to ask yourself, If I don’t do something now, am I going to be content with my current results in a month, 6 months… a year?”

The key to creating the life of your dreams is to make the decision to take action, and then honoring your heart’s desires, by showing up in a way that makes your decision the right one.

Looking for someone else to give us permission to take action, is looking for a safety net.  Because then If we fail, we have someone else to blame.

That’s simply failing ahead of time.

Making a decision that is in line with your higher self,  then owning it and showing up 100%, will never be the wrong choice.