Ask Jane-4

Do You Live in a World Full of Miracles?

My husband and I took some family photos for our friends this past weekend.  We drove up the canyon to the river bed, filled with big beautiful granite boulders.  On each side of the canyon are stunning granite cliffs, -home to mountain goats, deer, moose, and many other amazing creatures.  

As I surveyed the area, I could hardly contain my joy.  It was so beautiful.  So many miracles right before my eyes…  Mountains, streams, forest, the canyon wind, and incredible, beautiful humans.  

Do you allow yourself to live in a world of miracles, or have you become immune to recognizing God’s hand in your life?

Gratitude is one of the most positive emotions we can experience as human beings. 

I believe it is the gift God gives us, by asking us to worship Him.  He doesn’t need our adoration… but oh how WE need to feel the love…appreciation… and gratitude for the amazing blessings we each enjoy.  

Gratitude for our many many gifts makes us feel loved and cared for…even spoiled!!

Do you have fingers and toes?  Incredible! 
Do your eyes focus and see the beauty around you?  Phenomenal! 
Do your ears and brain not only hear sound, but interpret those sounds, assign meaning to them, and then create the capacity to respond… with your incredible voice??? AMAZING!

Each day we wake up, we have a choice.  We can choose to live in a world of miracles, or we can take our lives for granted, complaining our way through our days.

I’m not suggesting that we don’t have trials, all of us do.  But if we don’t take the time to notice and appreciate the miracles, our brains easily get caught up in the negativity of our circumstances, and we miss out on all of the glory.  

Without acknowledging the good, all we see is the bad.

Gratitude makes our hearts swell.  It softens our reactions to others.  It increases our humility as we give thanks for our incredible gifts, and that humility creates a loving space for us to connect with others…especially our partners.

Have you taken the time to consider how remarkable it is to be able to love another human being?  

To be able to experience love is such a gift!  Even if you’ve struggled in your relationship, -do you acknowledge how remarkable BOTH of you are, for remaining committed to your marriage?  So incredible!!

Have you experienced the miracle of forgiving and letting go…felt the freedom of giving your troubles to God and moving on?  Have you marveled at the gift of faith that allows us to find meaning and purpose in our trials?

Opening our eyes to the miracles all around us allows us to see the magnificence in every human being. 

It not only helps us to see the best in others, but we can better see it in ourselves as well. Billions of human beings.. and no two exactly alike!  We have different talents, personalities, gifts and traits… such a miracle!

This season of Thanksgiving, I encourage you to spend time each day in gratitude.

Start now where you sit.  Do you have a computer or phone?  Is there a roof over your head, food in your pantry…a fridge to keep food cold and running water to take a WARM shower?

Absolutely miraculous.  Soak it up.  Drink it in, and let your heart swell.

xo, Jane

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