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The Benefits of Meditation

Whenever I start to feel unsettled, uneasy or stressed out, it’s usually because I have gotten away from my morning practice that includes meditation. Or

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The Burden of Baggage

My aunt passed away recently and like any other human, she left all of her worldly possessions behind.  My mom is a co-executor of her

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Give it All Away

“How Much Should I GIve?” I get this question a lot. “If I just love him even when he doesn’t deserve it, isn’t that giving too

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Good, Better and Best

When we were newly weds, my husband and I bought a little hibachi grill, -remember those?  We thought is was great… and it was… but

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"This makes more sense than anything I’ve ever read in my life. I’ve read many, many books on love, marriage, and relationships, but the past few things I’ve read by you have changed my whole life!!!!! I’ve experienced so much hurt and rejection and lack of self love. But I sense a great change happening in my life as a result of stumbling across what you’ve posted lately. It is the answer to so much inner turmoil. I am grateful and hungry for so much more."