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Forgive and forget

Forgive AND Forget???

I know you’ve heard people say this before, “I can forgive, but I can’t forget.”   I hear this all the time and it’s so

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The Myth of Perfection

As a former perfectionist, I know first-hand how it can rob us of the feeling of accomplishment, because nothing is ever good enough. As a

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six week goal

Six Weeks

Several years ago, I remember a friend of mine having a goal to go back to school and finish her college degree.  She made the

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"This makes more sense than anything I’ve ever read in my life. I’ve read many, many books on love, marriage, and relationships, but the past few things I’ve read by you have changed my whole life!!!!! I’ve experienced so much hurt and rejection and lack of self love. But I sense a great change happening in my life as a result of stumbling across what you’ve posted lately. It is the answer to so much inner turmoil. I am grateful and hungry for so much more."