Feeling Annoyed?

Feeling Annoyed?

Are you feeling a little (or maybe even a LOT) annoyed?

Close quarters and lots of time together can be the perfect recipe for annoyance.  

Especially for those whose relationship is already strained, prolonged hours together can really push you to the breaking point.

What is your trigger?  

Is it the way he handles his job while at home?  The way he interacts with the kids? Tapping his foot? Humming or whistling 24/7?  The way he chooses to spend his time? Breathing?… LOL!

Humans are complex creatures.  No matter how “normal” we think we are, we all have idiosyncrasies and personality traits that might get on someone else’s nerves.

It doesn’t mean you are weird if you are being annoying, or that the people around you are weird if you are the one who is annoyed.

It simply means that you are thinking thoughts that make you feel annoyed.

As women, we are especially subject to this because we are constantly trying to run interference.  We have expectations of how everyone should interact, and we put ourselves in the middle in order to try and keep the peace and make everyone else happy. 

In doing so we make ourselves MISERABLE.

HE is the way that he is, and YOU are the way you are.  Those are facts.

How do you want to think about him?

Are you allowing him to act, do and be the way that he is without judging him?

If you think of him as a problem to be solved, you will cause yourself so much unnecessary pain, because try as we might, we simply cannot change other people.

It’s not your job to manage him.  -Seriously, fire yourself right now!!!

The only management that will bring you relief is managing yourself.  Managing your own THINKING.

Did you know that it is possible to allow him to be grumpy, without you joining in?

You can totally enjoy your day without walking around on egg shells.

When you understand that other people feel the way they feel, because of the thoughts that they are thinking, you’ll also understand that YOU have the ability to feel any way that YOU want to feel, by choosing the thoughts YOU want.

So next time you feel yourself becoming annoyed, stop blaming him.  He does not have the power to create feelings in your body. Only you can do that.

Just ask yourself, “What am I thinking right now?”  And if you don’t like that thought, direct your brain to think of something else that creates a better feeling.

This definitely takes some practice and I’m not saying that it is easy, but it’s worth the effort if you want to find peace.

If you can’t find the annoying thoughts for yourself, sign up for a free mini session so I can help show you your thinking. 

That’s my job, -and I’m good at it!😉