Here’s What Happens When You Manage Your Mind

This weekend has been AMAZING.

We didn’t go anywhere fun, had no big events or special plans, but truly, I don’t think I could be any happier.

All because I have learned how to manage my brain.

I know how to create love within myself that feels too big to contain.

I control the judge in me.  I choose what I want to appreciate, adore, and marinate in, in order to soak up every last drop of possible joy.

Spending time with my guy, doing everyday things,= TOTAL BLISS.

Seriously, I keep pinching myself and asking, “HOW CAN THIS BE?  How can I be married to this guy for 32 years now, and still be crazy in love with him?”

Is it legal to be this happy,- to feel like a newlywed??

I wish I could bottle and share it with everyone I know.  But I guess that is why I have chosen this profession.  

More than anything, I want to help people I love, learn to love their lives too.

I remember when things weren’t like this.

The times when I felt ready to burst with anger and disappointment, and like some crazy person had hijacked my brain!

When I would snap or lash out, criticize and wreck the whole weekend.

The times when I believed everything wrong in my life was someone else’s fault, and I’d sink into sad silence and self-pity.

When I second guessed my decision to marry my guy.

The truth is, my brain HAD been hijacked.

Not by some force outside of my control as I believed, but rather, I’d been hijacked by my lower brain, that had NO idea how to make me happy.

I listened to its crazy lies and scare tactics.

I leaned into scarcity, blame and guilt.

I didn’t want to, I knew it wasn’t who I really was… but I felt helpless to help myself.

So my friend, when you call me, and share your stories with me, 


I’ve been there.

I know the pain of feeling out of control and miserable, and NOW I know how to make it better.

I found myself in front of the Valentine cards at the store today.  It’s not for a few weeks, but I’m finding it hard to wait!

I want to love and spoil my guy.  He is my world.  

He is perfect, just the way he is and I love thinking of all the things I appreciate about him.

I’ve learned how to see him through adoring eyes, and that feels incredible.  I’M the one who gets to feel AMAZING.

Creating this kind of connection takes practice, and it doesn’t mean planning more dates, or getting away to a hotel together once or twice a year.

It’s taking every day opportunities to think better thoughts about him.  Examining all of his amazing qualities and feeling appreciation.  It’s taking the time to send him a quick text that makes you smile.  It’s catching yourself when you want to tune him out, and directing your brain to show genuine interest.  It’s leaning in to those passing hugs and kisses, and finding joy in his attraction to you.

Are you ready to re-discover your love?

Don’t waste any more time hating your life and second guessing yourself.

You didn’t make a mistake, you made the right choice!

You just need help remembering, and putting your own hijacking brain, back in its place.

I’m here to help when you’re ready.