Are you having a bad day?

How to Keep a Bad Thought From Spinning into a Bad Day

Bad days happen for everyone.

Life is supposed to be 50/50 right?

But when we create a bad day by indulging in a nagging thought, we are creating more negative emotion than is necessary.

We’ve all done it. 

Sometimes we even want to. 

This happened to me last week.  I had a frustrating tech issue I couldn’t figure out, and I got annoyed.  I had the thought, “This is just too hard.”

The more I told myself how hard it was, the more frustrated I became.

I started thinking of all the reasons I wasn’t going to be able to make it work. Then I started comparing myself to other colleagues who were luckier or smarter or more whatever than me.

So I decided to bag it for a while and ate some Valentine’s candy and watched an episode of This Is Us, that I’d missed.…(PS, I love that show!)

And then I got bugged at myself for eating the candy, because I was trying to get off of sugar again…

Then, my hubby came home and wanted to go to a movie, and that bugged me because I’d already wasted too much time that day.

See how I created all of this?  

If I had dealt with the original thought when it occurred, I could have salvaged my day.  

But instead, I let it spin and progress and I just chose to sink into it, until I could check out and go to sleep that night.

If you find yourself starting to head down that black hole, find the nagging thought.

Then ask yourself, “Do I want to change it?”  If you want to feel bad, -go right ahead!
Sometimes we just want to feel the other half of our human experience, and so you might do as I did.  Even thought I saw what was happening, I just decided to let it run its course. I knew it wasn’t permanent.

But if you’d like to stop the metaphorical bleeding, try replacing that nagging thought  with another one, that makes you feel better and creates a shift in your emotions.

The key is being on to ourselves when we try to blame external circumstances for our rotten mood.

No one and no thing, can make us feel any certain way. 

It’s our thoughts about our circumstances that create our emotions. 

Yes, always.

Do you have a recurring thought that causes you a lot of pain? Jump on a call with me and let me help you through it.