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How to Tap Into Your Courage

Hello my friends, 

I have so many good things for you this week, but first, I am beyond excited to let you know I have something BIG coming! 

I can’t give you all the details today, but keep an eye out because it’s coming SOON!  

***Quick hint, If you’ve ever wished you could keep me in your back pocket at all times to help you with your marriage, I’m going to make that wish come true!  

My dream, my purpose, -is to help as many couples as I can, to have amazing marriages, and I’ve been working incredibly hard to create a program that will do just that.  It checks all of my wishes to help the most people, be the most effective,  be the most affordable, and always be there when you have a need it, and I can’t wait to share it with you!  

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this so stay tuned!!

Now, let’s shift gears and talk about courage.  Everyone loves a super-hero.  We fall in love with that everyday Joe, who transforms him/herself in the face of pain or fear, to fight courageously against the evil villain.

I’ve always been a little partial to Superman, because he seems to have the best powers (and also, the best muscles 😉)  

But in America, as divisive as we may be at times, we all share a love for the hero.

We find that courage so admirable.  We long to show up that way in our lives.  We wish we could change the world and really make a difference.  

I believe that tug to be courageous, is our inner being, calling to us to step into our own power.  But for many of us, it feels way too scary, we’d rather hide.

In working with several couples over the past few months, I’ve observed a common thread.  

They’ve created some unhealthy patterns…. stopped talking, stopped showing affection, become physically and emotionally withdrawn.  

Both partners are suffering, and here’s the kicker,- they both want the very same thing.

They miss each other terribly.  

They long to return to the time when it was so easy and fun and joyful.  They want to love again, yet their fear holds them back.

If just one person (super-hero) could find the courage to speak that truth to their partner, to be vulnerable in the face of their pain and fear, -well the change they could create would be incredible.

What’s the fear?  It’s usually some form of rejection.

If we think about how rejection feels in our bodies, I think we all agree, t’s a painful emotion for sure. No one wants to feel it on purpose,  but ALSO, no one has ever died of rejection.  

We can feel rejection.  If we process it and allow it to move through us, we come to see that even though it’s not pleasant,  it’s not so bad.  

It’s the fear of rejection that’s even worse.

It takes some courage to get over that fear, so it’s a good thing that super-hero lives inside of all of us!

I want to challenge you to live courageously.

You don’t have to rush into any burning buildings, though it might feel just as hard.  

Here is what I’m suggesting:

Rather than wishing your spouse would give you a hug and a kiss when they come home,- go to them and GIVE them a hug and a kiss.

Instead of wishing your partner knew what you’re thinking, – SAY the things you want them to knowAND the things you’d like to hear.

STOP WISHING he’d sit next to you, go sit next to him, or pat the seat next to you and let him know you saved him a seat.

TAKE his hand, WRITE him a note, CALL or text, SURPRISE him in some fun way.

Whatever you are wanting most from your spouse, is exactly the thing that you should give,- and in the way that you would like to receive it.

**(NOT given with a bow of resentment tied neatly around it for “having” to be the one to do it. Remember, you are the super-hero, and that’s why you’re the perfect one for the job!)

Stop keeping score.

Stop searching for reasons to be angry.

Drop the past and look aheadand if you want to be his sexy girlfriend/ boyfriend, well, start acting like it!

You remember how to flirt, right???  Come on, it hasn’t been that long!  

Brush up on those skills and get to work.

You know you have those super-powers, they’re what made you irresistible in the first place!

Come on my friend, repeat after me.  “I am courageous.”  

Say it over and over until you feel it building inside of you.

Now, go create some love.