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It Was Never Meant to Be

It’s been a bit of a tender week for our family as our High School Senior learned this week that he would not be going back to High School.  We had hoped that they might be able to go back for at least a week or two to say goodbye to their friends and gain some closure.

He so wanted to go on tour, go to prom, sing with the Madrigals and celebrate the culmination of these special years with his peers at Graduation.  

But it was never meant to happen that way. We thought it was… but it wasn’t. We were mistaken.

Our dear friend Sammy thought she would get to have the big wedding celebration she had planned at the golf course country club.  She chose the flowers, the colors, the decor, the photographer, the food… she even sent invitations to all of the guests.  

But it was never meant to happen that way. 

Instead, her wedding ceremony was small and private and intimate, exactly the way it was always going to be. She was simply mistaken.

My husband and I were completely mistaken when we planned a trip to Holland and Ireland with our dear friends this summer.  We thought we were finally going to see the places where his parents lived in Holland and explore the breathtaking coast of Ireland… but it was never meant to happen in July.

We were just mistaken.

I talk alot about the word “should.”  

“Would have, could have, should have….”

Thinking that people or things should be different than they are, only causes us pain.

Everything that is happening in your life is exactly as it should be.

We are supposed to be missing planned events.  We are supposed to be finding new ways of connecting, working, surviving and serving.

Accepting this reality will bring you incredible peace.

Your marriage is supposed to be struggling.  

Why?  Because without the struggle, you wouldn’t be forced to do the work to make it incredible.

Just as it takes intense pressure from the earth to create a diamond, or extreme heat in a crucible to purify gold, the adversity in our relationships is what refines them and produces beauty, if we will allow it to.

How is this all happening FOR you?

Finding the answers to that question is the key to creating.  

As humans, I believe this is our highest purpose. To grow and create and become the best versions of ourselves is what gives life meaning.

If you’re struggling to find the answer for yourself, why not take me up on a FREE mini-session.  I can help you discover what’s possible for you.