It’s Easier Than You Think to Mend Your Marriage

When I was about 14yrs old, my older brother had a job as a dishwasher at our neighbor’s buffet restaurant.  I thought it was so cool that he had a job and felt a little jealous.  Well, one night, he had a conflict and wanted to miss work, so he asked his boss (our neighbor) if I could work in his place.  He agreed, and I was pretty excited for the chance to show up, and maybe get hired on myself.

Well, that evening when I arrived, they took me into the back to the kitchen, and what I saw was absolutely horrifying.  Every sink was FULL of nasty looking dishes.  Not only dishes from the patrons, but there were big old pans with caked on food just everywhere.  It was utterly overwhelming to me, to think I had to clean that mess.

I tried… for about an hour.  Then, I said, “Sorry, I just can’t do this,” and left!  

I still can’t believe I did that, and needless to say, I never worked or ate there again LOL!  But that job just seemed way too big, and I didn’t have a clue how to handle it.  

I think sometimes this is how my clients feel about their marriages.  The problems, resentments and distance, all pile up to create a huge mess that seems impossible to tackle, -far too difficult to clean up on our own.

I want to take their hand, look them in the eye, and say, “You don’t have to do it alone.  You don’t have to do it all at once, and it isn’t nearly as difficult as it may seem.”

If this is you, you are so much closer to figuring this out, just by reading this email!

Even if you have MAJOR issues.

Even if you feel like you and your spouse are miles apart.

You may think it’s too late, or that there is too much to get over, -that there are too many changes that need to happen, or that you’ve both changed too much.

But….. I swear to you.

The gap truly, isn’t so big.

You are one or two powerful shifts away.

One or two patterns to break.

Just a few habits to change.

But first, you need to know exactly which shifts matter, for exactly where you are now.

We have to identify those patterns that are holding you hostage,

and we need to discover which habits are generating your unwanted results.

That’s all it takes.

1.  Find the thing.

2.  Fix the thing.

3.  Practice doing the new thing.

4. Troubleshoot.

5.  Don’t quit.

That’s ALL it takes to make your marriage amazing.

Please hear me my friend, you can do this!

It is more than possible for you.

I know it in my bones.

It’s why I am called to do this work.

You don’t have to eat the whole elephant at once.

You don’t have to complete the 1000 piece puzzle on your own.

Your fear is far bigger than your problem, all you need is someone to help you tackle that mountain of dishes.

When I asked my brother, “How can you possibly do that job?”  His answer was simple, “One dish at a time.”  

Perhaps if he’d been there that night, I could have learned to clean up that mess.  For sure, he knew the tips and tricks to make it much easier.  He knew how to use the dishwashers and others tools to get the job done much faster.

I needed a guide, and so do you.

I’d be so honored to help you clean up your mess.

Book a free consult with me below, and let’s get started.