Listen Less, Talk More

Listen less and talk more.  No really, I know what you’ve heard.  You’ve been told to talk less and listen more, and this is very good advice when we are communicating with other people.

But the conversation I am talking about here is the one you are having with yourself!

I know you and I know the garbage that you tell yourself so often.🤗

“I’m not good enough to do that.”

“She’s prettier, smarter, thinner… than I am.”

“Life is just harder for people like me.”

“I don’t have the talent for that.”

“I should be able to handle this, what’s wrong with me?”

“I’ve waited too long and now it’s too late.”

“I’ve made too many mistakes, I don’t deserve to be happy.”

“I’m just not that smart.”

Any of this sound familiar? 

Any of this feel good???  Ugh, I don’t even like writing them!😩

This is what we get when we listen to our lower brains.  Those unsupervised negative thoughts that we somehow believe must be true, simply because we think them.

Think of all of the wonderful things you say to your friends.  Here are some that I say on the regular:

“You are amazing!”

“You are so talented, you inspire me!”

“You are such a kind person, I love you to death!”

“Way to go, you are so dang smart!”

“Congrats on even trying, that takes a lot of courage.”

“You can totally do this, I believe in you 100%!”

“I’m so blessed to be your friend!”

“You are gorgeous just the way you are!”

“Don’t even worry about what she said, I think you are incredible!”

“Life is so much better because you’re in it!”

“You are doing a great job, you are an incredible mom!”

“Your best is good enough, what more could anyone ask for?”

See what I mean?

All of those wonderful things you say to others…try saying them to yourself!

Shut down the negative conversation in your head by talking to yourself and using words that lift, encourage and inspire you.

Speak to yourself with the same love, compassion, care and concern as you would a dear friend.

You give that gift so freely to others, why not try giving it to yourself? 

Be your own best friend.  Listen less, talk more, and see how your life lights up!✨