Practice Makes More

One of the things I heard a lot as a kid was, “Practice makes perfect.”  I think this is an idea that people came up with in order to inspire work ethic, to help us produce something great, perhaps even extraordinary. 

I remember going to a concert of a local artist as a teenager and sitting there in awe as he played the piano and sang.  Wow!  I had been practicing piano, but in my heart I knew I would never be that perfect (not even sub-par if I’m being honest!).  It wasn’t my gift.  But still, the value of practicing wasn’t lost on me and really helped me to excel in other areas of my life. 

My friend and fellow Life Coach, Jody Moore says, “You’re always practicing something.”  I remember the first time I heard her say that. Wow, it really hit me.  SO TRUE! Such a good question that can help us in so many areas! I invite you to ask yourself,

 “What am I practicing?”
Am I practicing: 
Impatience or patience? 
Being good natured or being touchy? 
Looking for the good or searching for the bad? 
Self love or criticism? 
Smiling or frowning? 
Speaking kindly or reacting harshly? 
Self care or self harm? 
Taking action or indulging in procrastination? 
Showing tolerance or handing out judgement? 
Taking responsibility or blaming others? 
Enjoying my spouse (kids, parents, friends) or finding fault? 
Feeling grateful or feeling deprived? 
Making a contribution or building expectations? 
This list can go on and on, but you get the idea. Maybe practice won’t make perfect, but it will always make whatever we are practicing grow.  The more we practice our thoughts (no matter what they are), the stronger they become.

 “What am I  practicing?” 

Such a good question to ask ourselves all day long.