Feeling Annoyed?

Are you feeling a little (or maybe even a LOT) annoyed? Close quarters and lots of time together can be the perfect recipe for annoyance.   Especially for those whose relationship is already strained, prolonged hours together can really push you to the breaking point. What is your trigger?   Is it the way he handles his …

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The Gift of THIS Moment

The world has pressed pause. Gatherings have been cancelled, restaurants are closed, travel is restricted and life is anything but “ordinary” these days.  Anyone else feel like they’re living in some bizarre movie? When I was a little girl, I remember wishing for the future.  I was sure that Jr. High would be so much …

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Boil it Down

I’m still in Dallas this morning, waiting for my return flight home tonight.  Last night my son called from Utah where I live, and said, “Mom, I’ve never seen anything like this!”  He works in film and spends 12-15 hours a day on the set, and just learned yesterday that his shoot has been cancelled …

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