Listen Less, Talk More

Listen less and talk more.  No really, I know what you’ve heard.  You’ve been told to talk less and listen more, and this is very good advice when we are communicating with other people. But the conversation I am talking about here is the one you are having with yourself! I know you and I know the …

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Practice Makes More

One of the things I heard a lot as a kid was, “Practice makes perfect.”  I think this is an idea that people came up with in order to inspire work ethic, to help us produce something great, perhaps even extraordinary.  I remember going to a concert of a local artist as a teenager and …

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The Benefits of Meditation

Whenever I start to feel unsettled, uneasy or stressed out, it’s usually because I have gotten away from my morning practice that includes meditation. Or maybe I’ve been going through the motions, but not really quieting my brain. If you haven’t made meditation a part of your daily practice, I HIGHLY recommend you start today! …

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