Are You a Fence Sitter?

Have you ever been a fence sitter?  It’s such an uncomfortable spot isn’t it?  Those fence posts can get a little painful after a while!

I remember back in high school, being recruited to play volleyball by a few different colleges, and being scared to death to make the wrong choice.

Maybe you felt the same way when deciding where to move… whom to marry… your vocation etc…

Indecision is caused by a thought error or loop, which is the result of fear. Fear that we will make the wrong choice.  Fear of messing something up.  But you see, the fear you have about  making the decision only adds to the drama and doubles the discomfort, because you beat yourself up for being so indecisive!

Your past, and every decision you’ve made were the right ones.  How do we know this?  Because you made it!  Whatever you have chosen in life has been the perfect classroom for you.  

As soon as we own our choices and be compassionate to ourselves, knowing we did the best we could at the time, we eliminate all of the mind drama of would have, could have and should have.  It is your journey that has brought you to wherever you are now and it’s exactly as it was supposed to be.

How can you know what to do?  You make a choice, and then you make it the right one, by choosing the way that you think about it.

Ask yourself this, “If I know that either choice will work out perfectly, which one would I choose.?”Your answer will become clearer.  

You are the only one who has the right answers for you.  You have an inner voice, listen to it.  Make your choice and be sure you really like your reasons.  No matter the outcome, you will have peace knowing it was the right path for you.

After all, you can make your choices and then choose to love them!