The Best Kind of Fast

The Best Kind of Fast

Intermittent fasting is all the craze these days.  I have to admit I love the way it makes my body feel when I shorten my eating window.  I sleep better, I maintain my weight more easily as my body is able to tap into my fat stores and I never feel bogged down or bloated.

But you know what feels even better? Giving up negative self talk.

That’s why my number one fasting recommendation is an inadequacy fast.

Inadequacy is defined as: The state or quality of being inadequate; insufficient, lack of the quantity or quality required.

When we feel inadequate, we feel deficient, like we are lacking in one way or another, or that we just don’t measure up.

The feeling of inadequacy is generated by our thinking.

Ask yourself this, “Who is doing the measuring?  Who decides the measurements on the measuring stick?”

We are often our own worst enemy, constantly barraging ourselves with criticism.

We make comparisons, analyze our flaws, judge our bodies, scrutinize our efforts and results.  

We think that acknowledging our flaws means we are doing our part in admitting that we’re not okay.  We know it, so we don’t expect you to think we are okay either…

GARBAGE.  Would you like to feel better?

Why not join me in an inadequacy fast?

Here’s how it works:

  1.  Choose a painful thought that you think about yourself each day.
  2.  For the next thirty days, decide that you will absolutely refuse to
     allow yourself to think that thought.
  3.  Find a replacement thought for the painful thought.
  4.  Rinse and repeat as often as needed.

For example:  If you have the thought, “I hate my body.”  and you think that same thought each time that you look in the mirror, you decide TODAY, “I refuse to think this about my body ever again.”

Then you find a replacement thought that your brain will believe.  

It will likely be a big stretch to say, “I love my body.”  Your brain will reject it. So you need to find one that you can practice, that feels right and true and is better than the painful thought.

Perhaps the new thought is, “I have a body.”  Or “I’m grateful to have a body.” Or “I love certain things about my body.” and then name them…

Commit to 30 days. 

Write your new thought down on post-its and place them on your mirror, your fridge, in your car… wherever you need a reminder.

If you have trouble finding the new thought, email me and I’ll help you out!  Or better yet, jump on a call with me and we can talk it over together in a Free Mini Session.

Take the challenge!  Join me in an inadequacy fast and just see for yourself how much better you feel.