The Blame Game-3

The Blame Game


When we blame someone else for the results in our lives, we give up all of our power. 

When we place blame, we are choosing to believe that we are not the creator of our own lives, but rather, at the effect of someone else’s wishes. I don’t know about you, but that sounds horrible to me!

Do you blame him for making you delay your career to stay home with the kids?

Do you blame her for making you feel angry or offended?

Do you blame the weather for your rotten mood?

Do you blame the politicians for your lack of success in your job?

Do you blame him for your frustration, your loneliness, your disappointment?

No one and no thing, has the power to make you feel anything you don’t want to feel.

Your thoughts create your feelings, it’s a biological fact.  A thought causes two neurons to connect and release a flood of chemicals that create a vibration in your body.  

That vibration is emotion.

A thought is typically triggered by a circumstance (something outside of your control).  A circumstance is simply a fact. For example, a circumstance could be the color of your car, the numbers on the scale, or the words someone else says.

A circumstance is ALWAYS neutral, neither positive or negative, until we have a thought about it.

And our thoughts are ALWAYS a choice.

Knowing that our thoughts are optional, is the BEST NEWS EVER!  It gives us the power to control the way that we feel.

Here’s an example to help illustrate the point.,

Circumstance:  Husband comes home one hour late from work.

Thought:  “I’m not a priority to him.”

Feeling:  Hurt

Versus this scenario with the same circumstance,  but a different thought:

Circumstance:  Husband comes home one hour late from work.

Thought: “Maybe he got stuck in traffic, I’m so glad he’s finally home and safe.”

Feeling:  Appreciation

Same circumstance, two completely different thoughts that will produce completely different results.

When you accept responsibility for the choices you make and the thoughts that you choose to think, you ignite your personal power.

So here’s my challenge for the week!  Examine your mind, notice where you place blame and find the thoughts that create the blame. Once you are aware of what they are, you can get to work on changing them. This is where the magic lies my friend, and it’s all available to you!