The Key to Confidence

The Key to Confidence

If you’re anything like me, we will bend over backwards to keep a commitment we make to someone else.  You need help at 1pm on Thursday? I’ll be there! Ask me to help you with a project of importance to you, for sure, I’m in! We volunteer to help out all the time, and we wouldn’t even consider not showing up!


When people aren’t feeling confident, we can most likely trace it back to self promises that are un-kept.

You know what I’m talking about. We commit to starting a diet or going to the gym tomorrow, we decide that no matter what, we will change a habit, start a new project, take care of a problem etc… 

But when tomorrow comes we just don’t feel like it. 

So we don’t do it. 

We teach ourselves that we cannot be trusted and that our word to ourselves is just no good.

Holding personal integrity is the highest form of self care! It’s better than getting our nails done, going for a massage, or treating ourselves to anything!

If this is true for you, the fix is really simple.  Start with a very small goal, anything you don’t already do, and make it an UNBREAKABLE commitment.

It doesn’t matter if it’s as small as walking for five minutes. Perhaps it’s drinking one less soda, committing to track your calories each day, reading one verse of scripture, making one call for your business… Make it small on purpose and then NO MATTER WHAT, do it.

For sure, you are not going to want to do it.  Just plan on that, and do it anyway!

The simple goal that you set won’t change your life, but keeping your word to yourself will change YOU.

As you honor that promise to yourself,  you will gain trust. You will believe in your word and over time your goals can increase in difficulty, because you will know that you can handle it.  If you give your word to YOU, it’s a done deal. You’ve got your back.

As your confidence grows you can live into your future.  You are able to set more goals, take more action, believe in possibilities that you hadn’t considered before and stop living at the effect of your surroundings.

Do you have a dream?  Do you need more confidence to start believing in it?  Try this simple process, start today! Progress is our main purpose here on earth so don’t be afraid to grow.

I can help you find your confidence, let’s chat if you need a hand! I’ll for sure be there for you! 😉