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The One Thing I’m Most Grateful for This Year

With Thanksgiving this week, like many of you, I’ve been reflecting on what I’m most grateful for.

Guess what? This year it’s not my home, or things, or even my family. Don’t get me wrong, I love them and am grateful for them, –beyond what I can express

But what I’m most grateful for this year is me.

I’m grateful for the version of me who has chosen to tackle my problems instead of run from them.  

I’m thankful for that inner voice that has inspired me to do the hard thing and to grow.

I’m grateful for the choice I made to be courageous in my marriage.  

What if I had walked away in the early years when I cried myself to sleep?

What if I had decided enough was enough when my husband and I disagreed about almost everything in our lives?

What if I had blamed him, and let our children’s struggles drive a deep wedge between us that was too deep and difficult to survive?

What if I had just decided that it was too hard to learn to talk to him, and chosen to find someone more compatible… someone more like me?

I would have missed out on the deepest kind of love and connection I can imagine.

Tony Robbins says, “Problems are the gifts we grow from.”

He’s right.

Our problems have been the glue that has created an unbreakable bond.

There is a reason why people climb Mt. Everest or push themselves in extreme challenges.  

The reward of great effort is so much sweeter than the reward that comes from little effort.

The depth of love my husband and I share is so much deeper, because of how hard we have struggled. We’ve been through the fire, and chosen to love each other, -come what may.  

No matter how hard.

I’m so grateful that I didn’t let hard stop me.

I’m grateful for my faith in God, that has strengthened me every day.

I’m thankful to myself for doing the work to figure out who I am, and discover my personal power.

I’m thankful for that future version of me, that keeps pulling me forward and doesn’t listen to my excuses.

What if I had given up and never learned the tools to overcome. 

What if I’d never discovered my ability to help other people transform their marriages too?  

I would have missed out on so much joy in my life.

I’m so grateful for this gift. This gift of perseverance and commitment.

THIS knowing, -this gratitude for my courage and what it has allowed me to create, is the blessing I’m so grateful for this year.

I thank God every day for His ever-loving hand and encouragement in my life.

Have you discovered this power within yourself?

Ask God to show you who you are.

You are far more magnificent than you know.

This year, give thanks for all that you are.  

Even if you aren’t proud of some of your choices, be grateful for that quiet voice the helps you find the courage to keep on trying.

If you feel stuck, I’m here to help you discover your brilliance.

It’s there.  

I see it.

Work with me.

Have a joyous and beautiful Thanksgiving my friends.  

When I count my blessings, I count you too!