There is Always a Solution

I can’t tell you how many times this thought has helped me in my life.

When challenges arise and they always do,- it’s so comforting, so reassuring to inform your brain that things will be okay… it will all work out.

Before becoming a Life Coach, I spent 21 years as a real estate agent, and this one thing has been a huge contributor to my success.  Putting my brain to work to figure out a complicated situation has been such a blessing!  

Difficult home inspection?  -How can we fix it? Tricky financing?  -What else is available? Your seller needs to buy a home before your buyers can buy theirs… and THEY have to sell their home in order for them to buy??? -No problem, there is always a solution.

These five words calm your heart.  They confirm what you already know.  You are capable. You have an incredible mind, and come what may, you can figure it out!  Holding this thought in your mind, directs your brain to find answers, you just have to put it to work!

When we argue with our spouse over problems that we face, we waste precious mental energy that could be better used to find solutions.  You don’t have to agree. It’s okay if you don’t! Knowing there is always a solution will help you to look at the problem from other points of view.

When you get a flat tire, the account is over-drawn, you discover your son smoking pot,  or you hit a flash flood on the way home from Lake Powell, and there is mud and water up to your car windows, (yep, this happened to us!). There’s no need to freak out.  It might not be fun, but there’s always a solution.

Knowing there is always a solution, doesn’t mean you have to figure everything out on your own.  In fact, asking for help can be a brilliant solution. The world is full of resources and help, and being humble, teachable and open to receiving, will open many doors to you.

“There is always a Solution.”  Does not mean that things will always work out perfectly.  There is no cure for many diseases and sometimes accidents cause irreversible damage. But there are solutions that will help up to make the best of our circumstances, and the best of ourselves as well.  And to me, that is the point of the journey!

There is always a solution, you just need to give your brain the right questions and let it go to work!  Instead of asking, “why?” try, “how can I?” instead.

Trust yourself, and your spouse!  Two brains are better than one and for sure, together, you can figure it out!