Steve Bar Harbor 2

With Fresh Eyes

I LOVE this pic of my husband. 

We were just outside of Bar Harbor, Maine.  It was a glorious fall day and we were traveling with dear friends.  I watched my husband as he was laughing about something – I have no idea what it was…

But I wasn’t at all interested in the conversation.  I was WAY more interested in watching this incredible guy I love.  I was noticing his big, boisterous laugh and the crinkles around his eyes.  Those gorgeous laugh lines, formed by many years of smiles, and sitting through hundreds of hours of outdoor sporting events, cheering for our kids. I was observing his awesome jawline and the sky blue color of his eyes. And those nice broad shoulders… don’t even get me started!

I just watched him and admired him from afar.

I do that sometimes.

I love to look at him with fresh eyes.  

Marriage can sometimes give us cataracts. 

Years of small annoyances and daily frustrations can cloud our vision.  Often, to the point where we cannot see what’s right in front of our faces.

I like to wonder, “If I were to meet him again for the first time, what would I think?”  I wonder, “What do other women find attractive in him?” I like to watch him when we’re out in public, – I get a kick out of seeing other women check him out.  “Yes ladies, he’s mine.”

I remember a time when I would have thought, “You want him?- you can have him!”  

I’m so glad those days are gone.  

I’m so glad I’ve learned how to love and appreciate and adore him, and never take one minute with him for granted.  

I thank God every day for the lessons I’ve learned, and for the ability I have to help other people do the same.

If you’re longing to feel this way, start today by taking a step back.  

Take a fresh look.  

Direct your brain to remember and notice all of the incredible things you once thought you couldn’t live without. 

They’re still there.

You just have to dust them off and bring them back to light.