self esteem


“It amazes me that women look at the sky and say, “WOW-  God is so amazing!” but then look in the mirror and think “ugh.’’  As if He didn’t make both.”

I posted this quote on my FB page this recently and I had many responses and a ton of shares.  It strikes a chord with women of any age or demographic.

Isn’t it crazy the way we criticize and judge ourselves?

Sometimes we even believe that hating on ourselves will cause us to change, -to become what??  Thinner, smarter, more talented, more likable, richer…??? Seriously! In what way could HATE ever produce something beautiful?

It’s a nasty trick our brains play, to search for our flaws.  Subconsciously, we believe that pointing them out to ourselves first, will make it hurt less when someone else notices them too.  It feels protective, but it’s just not helpful.

Not only that, but when we are swimming in a pool of self judgement, we often try to escape our self-loathing by turning our focus away from us, and judging others instead.

If this has been your pattern, what do you say we call it a day and put an end to it!

The God I know and love is a creator of beauty, and beauty comes in all shapes, colors and sizes.

We are all different.  DIFFERENT IS GOOD! Difference is the spice of life!

I know how it feels to be different!  I am 6’2, and wear a size 11 shoe for crying out loud!  I know how awkward it is to be taller than all of the women and most of the men in your life!  

I’m so grateful for parents who didn’t allow me to slouch.  They taught me to suck it up and make the best of my challenges, -not to hide or try to shrink, but to figure out how to use my gifts to the best of my ability.  I worked really hard. I found a way to use my talents to pay for my college, and I also found that when I love me, it’s attractive!… it makes it easier for others to love me as well! It hasn’t always been easy, but I can honestly say that I LOVE ME, just the way I am.

Being on to your brain is the first step.  When it offers you judgements or harmful opinions like, “I’m not good enough.”  Ask yourself, “What if I’m wrong about that?” Then just answer back with all the ways that you are!

When we become aware of this type of rogue thinking, we can manage it.  I love to wiggle the brain a little and put it to work by asking the right questions.  “In what ways am I perfect, just the way I am?” “What unique gifts do I have to offer?”  “What are 20 amazing things about me?” “If I truly believe that God made me, what did he intend for my life?” etc…

We are literally ONE generation from God.  He is our Father. It is my firm belief that He didn’t ever intend to create you in a way that would make you feel bad about yourself.  

YOU are an absolute TREASURE HUNT!  

Are you willing to search for the miracles within YOU?  They are there. And when you find them, please be willing to share your gifts with the world.  It will absolutely light up your life!