From Dis-satisfied... to Delighted!

Life is too short...

The success of all of our relationships, hinges upon our relationship with ourselves.

Life is too short…

… to feel unheard and unappreciated.

… to hate your body.

… to fight with the people you love.

… to feel lonely and powerless in your marriage.

…to be suffocated with resentment.

… to stuff your dreams down in order to please others.

… to settle for less than the exceptional life you were born to live.

This doesn’t have to be YOUR STORY.

Sister, You Matter to Me.

You might not believe it, but the BEST YEARS of your life are right before you.

I will help you:

*Gain clairity on what comes next.

*Stop carrying the negative emotions of 
those around you.

*Feel happy and sexy in your own skin.

*Create incredible relationships with all of 
the people in your life.

I'll teach you the EXACT process to take control of your life, and live the life of your dreams.

This is Going to Be Fun!

You can step into your power and change YOUR story, in just a few months!

What people say

If you are like most of my clients, communication
can be a struggle. I'd like to help. Grab your free gift now!

My Gift to You...

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✅  Discover EXACTLY what to do to create a safer emotional space for the two of you to communicate.

✅  Uncover the obstacles that are keeping you from showing up as a FULL and EQUAL partner in your conversations.

 Learn to grow your curiosity and ask the right questions, in order to build trust, gain understanding, and create that YUMMY connection you crave!

"I know firsthand what a valuable coach Jane Copier is. Yesterday she coached me on how to show up for my step daughter as my best self with understanding and compassion. Most valuable 30 minutes of my week."
-Stacey Mendelson